Digital Korea co.,ltd INTRODUCTIONS 디케이


Obtained TUV Rheinland P2-500CSM, P3-400, and P3-400S CE certificates


Signed a housing/building support project agreement with New and Renewable Energy Center
Registered 2 Factory


Registered the materials in Korea Building Materials Information Center Corp.
TUV NORD(Technischer Uberwachungs Verine)
Obtained P-100C, P2-100, P-300C, and P2-400CH CE certificates
Korean Standards Association KS Q ISO 9001:2015/ISO9001:2015(QMS-2966)


Public Procurement Service/Outstanding procurement goods: Photovoltaic power generation apparatus(Designated No.201684)
Korea SMEs and Startups Agency / Performance certification: Photovoltaic power generation device that has a function of compensating variableness of undervoltage in case of series missmatch of Photovoltaic module
Korean Invention Promotion Association(Confirmation of priority purchase for excellent inventions)
Korea Testing Laboratory(K-mark certification for performance)
Korea Testing Certification(Q-Mark certification for quality)
Selected as a participating company for Green Export(KOTRA)
Obtained P2-300, P2-300M, P2-300W, and P2-400 CE certificates through Kiwa Cermet Ltd.


Korean Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning(Entered into an agreement on energy technology development project)
Selected as a Pre-star company in Daegu Metropolitan City
Obtained green technology certification from Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
Selected as a certified company by SK E & C and LS PV PARTNERS


Acquired the confirmation of Small Giants from Ministry of Labor


Signed an Industry-Academy Cooperation with Yeongjin College and Keimyung College University
Signed a contract with the Public Procurement Service for the purchase of procurement materials


Joined the Korean MAS Association
Signed an Industry-University Agreement with Kyungpook National
University’s LINC(Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation) Business


Established a Seoul branch office
Obtained TUV NORD(Technischer Uberwachungs Verine) P-300A, P-300AD, and P-300S CE certificates


Obtained TUV NORD(Technischer Uberwachungs Verine) P-100A and P-100AD CE certificates


Registered electrical construction license
Registered as a company specializing in new and renewable energy
Obtained the INNO-BIZ(Innovative SME) certification


Korean Standards Association KS Q ISO 9001:2009/ISO 9001:2008(QMS-2966)
Acquired a V-check Mark Certificate from KESCO’s Safety Certification Center


Relocated the headquarters of DK Co., Ltd


Selected as a participant of the clean workplace program by Korean Occupational Safety & Health Agency


Changed its name to DK Co., Ltd
Received the type approval of information technology equipment from the National Radio Research Agency(approval number T-A43-110181)
Recognized as a company-affiliated research center by Korea Industrial Technology Association(No. 20001284)


Registered POARD trademark(Registration No.0502491)


Received the type approval of telecommunications from the National Radio Research Agency (approval number 7BF-KOR-A43-00-0181)


Designated as a promising SME by Korea Institute of Industrial Technology(No. 614870)
Designated as a promising advanced technology company by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency(No.99066)


Established Yeongnam Electrical Engineering CO., Ltd
Approved by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency for its technology integration products (590-2250)